Emotions are not to be avoided!

I know that the subject of hypnotherapy has been, is and will continue to be debated and there are many areas where black and white/right or wrong options don’t and cannot apply, but I continue to be amazed at how many hypnotherapists seem to want to avoid having their clients express feelings and emotions.

I am not sure if it is the typical ‘british’ desire not to confront such tricky states or if therapists, skilled in the art of suggestion therapy alone,  are simply not aware of how important it is to assist their clients in processing troublesome, repressed experience(s).

Attending a Hypnotherapy Associataion conference a number of years ago I remember Igor Ledochowski asking the participants whether, if it were possible to assist the client to process repressed emotion without actually visiting the source of the problem, we would agree that this would be a far more respectful approach than having the client visit the root cause of their issue.  My answer would, undoubtedly, be ‘yes’.  However, I do not believe that any amount of suggestion therapy, with or without NLP techinques, Ericksonian language, IMDR, tapping or any other such interventions can bring about anything except temporary change unless the originating source has already been resolved in some way and the undesired behaviour/habit is ’empty’.

To help clients bring about permanent change, the root cause of the problem requires to be ‘depotentiated’.  The skilful therapist does not require to know the details of the initial incident.  Their role is simply to support the client in expressing the repressed and associated emotion such anger, fear, anxiety, bewilderment, embarrassment, guilt (the list goes on – and a source may involve more than one).

This may involve an cathartic outpouring known as an abreaction but sometimes the client simply has a moment of clarity. Whatever happens the therapist’s job is to allow the client time to view the incident with the benefit of hindsight (how often do we have that luxury?) and to assess its relevance to their current situation.  In practically all instances the client realises they can let go of the ‘template’ underpinning their unwanted behaviour and with that self enlightenment is the end result, and change happens as a matter of course.

I would not recommend anyone utilise this approach without formal hypnoanalytical training in managing such a session and also not in a first or even second session.  However I would also not recommend that a ‘therapist’ practise hypnotherapy ata ll unless they are fully assured of how to deal with an abreaction as these can occur spontaneously in hypnosis.

The danger does not lie in assisting the client to confront their emotions – it lies in not dealing with those emotions if raised.

Intro to Hypno

Announcing a ‘roll out’ of opportunities to find out more about hypnotherapy training!

The Introduction to Hypnotherapy, weekend and day, taster courses were formulated in order to help individuals, interested in studying the practice of hypnotherapy, to find their way through the muddy waters of the internet and provide practical guidance on course choice. 

I would run three residential weekend courses over the year in January, May and September and also day courses at city venues; however, of necessity these opportunities were limited to the time I had available…… BUT

…….from now on, what better way to introduce potential students to more chances to find out about how to choose and appropriate (value for money) training course in clinical hypnotherapy, than invite well qualified, enthusiastic therapists to spread the word.   Watch this space for details…….


Old and New

We have had a hypnotherapy ‘taster’ weekend here recently, at the Scottish School of Hypnotherapy in Argyll, to help individuals interested in becoming hypnotherapists to make an informed course choice and just this weekend past, we have welcomed some previous graduates, of the practitioner level training programme, back to the School to do some continuing professional development.

Our aim is to add something a bit extra to the lives of everyone who comes through the doors here, so when I finished training and discovered the following post on Facebook – I was delighted (see https://www.facebook.com/#!/permalink.php?story_
id=2659843&notif_t=share_comment to follow)

Karen Thursz I was happily travelling along my path of life before I met you and John. Or at least I thought I was happily travelling along that path. You showed me that there were other paths and that I had a choice and could take which ever one I wanted. My subconscious mind happily accepted your route maps. I looked at the path I was on and could suddenly see all the little pot holes I hadn’t previously seen. I could see grey clouds over head and weeds growing on the verges. Sometimes there still are weeds. But they’re only flowers whose virtues haven’t been appreciated before and because they don’t grow in straight lines doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful.

Grey clouds in themselves can be stunning and full of wild enthusiasm. Plus, after the darkness comes the light.

What I’m saying is, my life isn’t perfect. But it’s pretty damn close now.

Thank you Kate and John. X

Scottish School of Hypnotherapy Well thank you Karen… can I lift and quote in my blog??

Karen Thursz You certainly can. It’s all true. You’ve helped me realise just how much more is achievable and that I’m only limited by my own imagination.

What a validation – I’m privileged and humbled….

Update from the Scottish School of Hypnotherapy

???????????????????????????????As I stepped out of the door of Ardachearnbeg (home of the Scottish School of Hypnotherapy) this morning I could sense a hint of spring in the air. The birds were singing and, although I know winter hasn’t finished with us yet, it put a lift into my heart and encouragement to my current tasks.

I am looking forward to welcoming some returners for a postgraduate training this weekend. We have therapists coming from the Netherlands, Fife, Aberdeen and the Scottish central belt. I have worked with all these people before and they, along with other graudates of the school, are the epitome of what a good hypnotherapist should be – but then again I, as the trainer for the National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists was responsible for the quality of their training, so no bias there then!

Postgraduate courses are offered twice yearly at the School and graduates are encouraged to attend to complete vital continuing professional development, required as part of the commitment of membership of the NSPH. This coming weekend is providing a masterclass on hypnosis for weight management, so plenty to get into…. and a challenging few days ahead for all of us.

Meanwhile I continue the preparations for the next practitioner level intake – commencing March 10th 2013 and not only am I looking forward to working with new students, but also to welcoming a plethora of visiting therapists (all NSPH members) who add so much to the proceedings.

At the same time, however, I am currently carrying out the assessments for the last intake’s case studies and, when those are completed and returned, I will turn my attention to their exam scripts, some of which have already been submitted.

…have you started to do your research?

Hopefully the two previous posts will be beginning to help you to get a feeling for what might flag up an ill considered course choice…even if I haven’t finished guidance notes – yet!    These notes alone, however, won’t take you all the way.

Much also depends on what you want from a course.  Is it a new career?   Do you simply wish to enjoy a period of self development?  Are you adding new skills to an existing set?   Do you desire to be in an advice giving position or merely to support clients in gaining their own insight?

Other factors might include where you feel most comfortable during training – most find the seclusion of the Scottish School of Hypnotherapy complements their personal experience.  Some may prefer the bustle of a city venue.

This is your true starting place – deciding what you want and then matching your specification against what is on offer. while taking on board the additional guidance I am offering….. come back shortly to hear about the merits of ‘immersion’ training…..

An extraordinary collection of talent

……something doesn’t ring true?

You want to be a hypnotherapist…..?   You are looking for good quality, recognised and accredited training?  What do you want to purchase?

Are you buying the glitzy cover or do you want content, practical guidance, opportunity to practise on a one-to-one basis and long term substantial written and practical support?

As I said yesterday – use your intuition – but here are some additional questions to consider –

Is the advertiser using woolly, non quantifiable terms such as ‘advanced’ hypnotherapy…..?  What does that mean?  You are either qualified to practise when you complete your qualification, or you should not be let loose on the general public! :)

That does not mean that I am not in favour of continuing professional development (CPD).  That is a ‘given’ in the requirements for membership of any worthwhile accrediting body and the one thing you can guarantee about hypnotherapy is that no matter how long you practise, you will never know it all! 

That’s what makes it exciting…..

Hypnotherapy Training – Informed Course Choice

AT A CROSS ROADS – wondering which way to go? 

Hypnotherapy training with Paul McKenna?  Bandler and Grinder? Gold standard training?  NLP?   Life coaching?   Residential course? Distance only?  


A lot of websites offer hypnotherapy training and many do what it says on the cover….BUT…. many make wild and woolly, unsubstantiated claims.  Use your intituion as well as good common sense


Ask youself – are they offering too much ‘value’ for the cost of the course?  If so it may be a mile wide, but only an inch thick – not a lot of use to anyone…..

Does everything ‘add up’?  Check accrediting bodies by cross referencing and then, check out the ‘accrediting bodies’.   Many are bona fide – some were invented last night!

Do they promise you ‘quick riches’ on qualification???  Mmmmh!

Is there a suggestion of ‘mind control’….?  Double Mmmmmh!

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