How Does The Hypnotherapy Training Program Work?

How Does The Hypnotherapy Training Program Work?

How does the hypnotherapy trainer program work?

There are two parts. The first part is a 10 week online video training. This is not a training where you just get 10 weeks of videos and you're off on your own. This is ten weeks of videos where you receive about two and a half to three hours of video and you get a little homework each week.

But the more important part of this training is that each week we meet together-you, your classmates and I meet on zoom.  The last thing I would ever do is just say "here-take these videos and do what you want." You're going to have questions through the process.

The second part of my hypnosis training program is supervised practice. This is online practice where you get to practice as the client--and as the hypnotist. This is where you get to hone your skills so that you become effective at helping clients reach the state of hypnosis, and teaching them what they need to do to make changes to help them as they move forward.

The training I teach is the Certification Training with the National Guild of Hypnotists.

One of the reasons I chose NGH back in 2001, is because they have over 25 years of videos and audios from every convention they've ever held.

This means there are thousands and thousands of training videos and audios that you can learn from. If something comes up and you want to know how another hypnotist helps, you can take a look at the videos and learn.

These videos cover a wide range of subjects, whether it's sports, fear flying, even how to use some specific NLP neuro-linguistic programming techniques.

These videos are a treasure trove and all of us who take advantage can learn from other experts in our field. Learning from other expert hypnotists helps you become even more effective.

I invite you to learn more about how the Hypnosis Certification Training program works. I invite you to give me a call so I can answer any of your questions.