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Hypnotherapy Trainer

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Hypnosis Training Scripts

While you will want to eventually grow beyond using scripts, hypnosis scripts are an excellent way to confidently develop the craft of hypnotherapy.

10 Lessons

Week 1: Hypnosis - What it is and Isn't

What we cover this week:

  • Demonstration: Hypnosis Session for Stress Management - Observe a live and complete hypnosis session.
  • Introduction to Hypnosis: What Hypnosis is, Hypnotic Myths, Applications of Hypnosis, Hypnosis for Entertainment Purposes, Introduction to Suggestibility Tests.
  • Overcoming Myths and Fears With Clients: Many myths and fears persist about hypnosis. Helping your client understand how hypnotic states are natural and safe to eliminate potential pitfalls.

Introduction to Hypnosis

Get your feet wet in this first lesson.

Starting the session with Alex

Introduction to a full hypnosis session with Alex.

Session Interview and Pre-Talk

Suggestibility – Book and Balloon

Hypnosis Session With Alex 

Suggestibility Test: Book & Balloon

The Book and Balloon Suggestibility Test

Suggestibility Test:

Learn Arms Rising & Falling; aka Book & Balloon 

BBC Video: Hypnosis During Surgery

The power of self-hypnosis for use in surgery without anesthesia is evident in this film by the BBC

Hypnosis in the Operating Room

Firsthand experience in the Operating Room using hypnosis in place of general anesthesia.

Hypnosis During Surgery

In this video you will see how far advanced the medical profession is in Belgium with using Hypnosis in Surgery.

Future Progression in Hypnosis

In this session Melody gets advice on healing from her future self.

AM PM Tapping

AM PM Tapping was created by Wendy Merron. In this video she shares the protocol with Lisa Hubler, the creator of Restorative Hypnotherapy