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I was a very negative person, and I was getting sick of it. I didn't think this would work but, my friend convinced me I should try it. As it turns out, the more I used this the more I liked it. I am VERY surprised what small changes you can make to improve things in your business. An easy process and really can change your life.
Jen R, New York
I’ve read many books about affirmations and positive thinking. Wendy has an intuitive way of explaining how all of this works. As I was reading the book it felt as if she was talking directly to me. It also felt good when I recognized a number of things that related to me – especially some of the things I think about constantly.I know that the stuff I think about constantly creates my future. But recently it’s been hard to get myself un-stuck. Wendy showed me how do do affirmations in a very different way. Affirmations are now believable and even after a few days I’m aware of how much better I feel. 

Nancy G. New Hope, PA
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