Wendy Merron's Hypnotherapy Training Course
Registration Closes Sept. 9, 2018
Here's how this Hypnotherapy Training works:

1.  First, you take the 10 week Online Video Training. Lots of fun. About 3 hours of short videos weekly packed with demonstrations, live hypnosis, and secrets of the trade. In less than 1/2 hour a day you'll be amazed at how easy it is to listen or watch. 
The 10 Week Training includes a Live Weekly Webinar where you and your fellow students ask questions and dig even deeper into the training.   
(This stand alone training is for you if you want to add to your existing training or just dip your toes into the fascinating world of hypnosis.)

2.  To become a Certified Hypnotist you must complete the 10 Week Training and attend any of the three annual 5 Day Live Trainings in Pennsylvania.  Lots of hypnosis, hands on practice, supervision, and personal improvement happens here. (Get prepared for some fun surprises on the last day too!) This is where you become a Confident Hypnotist.
As a Certified Hypnotist
  • You Can Improve Your Life and Help Others
  • You Can Enjoy a Lucrative Full or Part Time Career
  • You Can Add This Amazing Tool To Your Toolbox To Help Others 
  • You Can Help Clients with  Weight Loss, Stress Management, Sports, Smoking, Public Speaking, Habits, Fears, Spiritual, Regression, and More!
10 Week Online Video Training Dates 
All students begin the Hypnosis Online Training at the same time, just like a traditional course. You go at your own pace.
(You can repeat the video training as often as you like.)
  • SEPT. 10 through NOV. 12, 2018
  • JAN. 14 through MARCH 25, 2019
  • MAY 13 through JULY 23, 2019
5 Day Live Certification Event Dates 
You Must Complete The 10 Week Online Video Training 
Prior To Attending 5 Day Training. You can choose any 5 Day Training that fits your schedule.
  • DEC. 5 through DEC. 9, 2018
  • APRIL 10 through APRIL 14, 2019
  • AUG. 7 through AUG. 11, 2019
The Most Comprehensive On-Line Plus Live Hands-On Training Available. 
Plus Support After You Complete Your Training!
I left my camera on after my last Hypnosis Training Class . Here's what three new Certified Hypnotists want to share with you!
Already Working In The Helping Field?
Add Hypnosis To greatly increase your Client Base with more referrals
  •  Satisfied clients refer friends and family often
  •  Increase your rates
  •  Reduce your hours
  •  Increase your personal satisfaction
Stay with me while I reveal Some surprising benefits you get as A Certified Hypnotherapist 
Build a full or part time business using your new skills
Become a professional in a much needed growing field
Improve your life while helping others improve theirs
Join the National Guild Of Hypnotists, the worlds largest organization of hypnosis professionals in the world
Earn the respect of your community as you help people to improve their lives
When you purchase this comprehensive training you:
  • Gain Access To A Complete On-line Course - Everything you need to know to BE A CONFIDENT AND EFFECTIVE HYPNOTHERAPIST
  • Attend The Live Certification Event - A jam packed 5 Day Event  with hours of one to one practice PLUS additional training to prepare you to work with clients confidently and effectively
  • Membership in the Prestigious National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) - The Guild is the largest body of Hypnotherapists and Hypnotists in the world. With access to their vast library of DVD's, you can continue your education, connect with colleagues, and explore the newest techniques
Learn Hypnosis In the Best Way Possible.

When I trained in hypnosis most of the class time was spent listening to lectures and watching the instructor do hypnosis on fellow Hypnosis students. 
When I completed my training, I was totally unprepared.

The night before my first paying client I was up most of the night anxious with worry.

Before my client showed up, I said a little prayer 
and hoped I would do well. 

In the end, it all worked out. My client went into hypnosis, and I gave her the weight loss suggestions that my instructor provided us. 

After the session was over I was exhausted from the stress. All I could remember was feeling grateful her eyes were closed.
The Best Way to Learn Hypnosis.
When I certified as an instructor, I vowed every student would experience the best training possible -  with real practice - so you graduate with confidence to help clients immediately.

During your training I share everything so you can help with all sorts of issues - from sports performance, weight loss, any fear imaginable, and beyond.

A huge bonus is that during your Live Training you get to practice being the Hypnotherapist and the client so you get a profound understanding of both sides of hypnotherapy. 

You'll be a better hypnotist than 98% of the practitioners because of that :-)
Is the Hypnotherapy Field Over Crowded?
Not in the least.

With the rise of research studies on the practical benefits of hypnosis, the number of successful hypnosis and hypnotherapy practices have increased.

The more people who have become aware of alternative ways of transforming their lives, the greater the need for hypnotherapy practices throughout the country and the world.

Far from the saturation point of hypnotherapy practices, the opportunity to attract paying clients and help them achieve their goals continues to grow.

When you invest in yourself with hypnotherapy certification, you invest in your yourself and your community.
189 Skilled Hypnotherapists Trained as of 
August, 2018! 

Hypnosis Graduates
Use the tools they learn in class for their personal development
Demonstrate passion for excellence in hypnotherapy
Hold a strong desire to serve their clients so they receive the best possible results
Enjoy knowing they can continue to learn and grow personally and professionally
Excellent Training, Personal Shifts, Personal Confidence
From the very start, you practice inductions, suggestions, listening skills and more.
Experience personal shifts of your own as you learn how to work with the inner mind.
Achieve your own personal goals.
Receive a hands on approach at the Live Certification Events
Grow your skills and confidence before heading off on your own.
Understand the theory behind the methods
Help Clients Move From Stuck and Miserable to Fulfilled and Successful
As a Certified Hypnotherapist, you learn to work within your client's belief system to help them overcome limiting beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that have caused them to remain stuck.

The transformation that occurs with hypnotherapy is permanent because you teach each client how to rewire the neural pathways in their mind through self-hypnosis. 

Hypnosis delivers results.
Do Powerful Creative Work with your clients.
The sad news is many hypnotists and hypnotherapists read a script written by someone who doesn't know the client. Don't get me wrong. There are many effective scripts, and you'll learn about these in the course but...

During this interactive training you will learn to create lasting change with any client by creating custom suggestions that result in profound personal change. 

The great feeling you'll get as you and your clients stop old negative behavior patterns and achieve the results you desire is priceless.
During your training you learn how to help your clients:
Undo Erroneous Subconscious Beliefs and teach Powerful Thinking
Create New Empowering Habits, Tools and Strategies to Help Clients Feel Better 
Eliminate Fear, Worry, and Doubt - Permanently
As a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor, I've helped hundreds of clients, often in 5 sessions or less.  I'm not bragging. I'm sharing this with you because If I can do it, so can you.

As Of August, 2018
over 189 skilled and confident hypnotists have completed their training.
I'd love to have you  join us at the next training!
Here’s What Some of My Graduates (And Clients)
Want To Share With You:
October Graduates
June Graduates
Judy Jackson, PhD Psychologist, Certified Hypnotherapist
The mind-body connection is such an AMAZING thing! Hypnosis is a wonderful, safe way to connect with yourself on a much deeper level. You do have the power to change, and it lies within! Wendy is an awesome hypnotherapist – she gets right at the heart of your issue and her voice is so relaxing and soothing! A really great experience overall!

—Stacy Meyers, Providence, RI
Hypnosis Certification Graduates
Wendy is a very warm and non-judgemental person who makes you feel completely at ease. The experience was an overwhelmingly positive one. I saw results right away and I continue to use the insights and techniques I learned to improve myself and my attitudes. I felt very comfortable and at ease even though I had to open up about some pretty personal stuff. I was also able to see results rather quickly when I expected it would be a slower process. It almost seemed too easy!

—Matt Stromberg, Chester County, PA
Releasing a Fear of Elevators
Wendy made the whole subject of hypnosis come alive for me as she shared her vast personal experience with the class. She gave each student a lot of feedback and personal attention as well as ideas on how we could best use our certifications in building new careers or enhancing our current life’s work with these tools. This hypnosis class is well worth the time.

—Steve W., Collegevlle
"Thank you Wendy SO much for giving me a confidence within myself that I don't know if I have ever had, for ridding me of my anxiety, and for curing my pill phobia!! I really owe you my life for this and I am forever grateful. You will remain in my thoughts for the rest of my life, that's for sure!"

—Emily B. Wayne, PA
"The techniques that you taught and shared with me really helped me in calming my fears about a new and unfamiliar experience, particularly testifying in a court case. Participating in hypnotherapy eliminated some the stress and nervousness I had associated with speaking in front of a jury, being cross examined by another attorney, and hearing about what is "I did and did not do. Because of experience at the Center for Success I was able to remain calm, competent, professional, and poised on the stand and demonstrated so much lack of fear. In turn, I myself felt pretty confident afterward which is something I rarely felt. The best part of this experience is that I will be able to continue to use these techniques in my everyday life to help me with stress reduction, insomnia, anxiety and pain management."

—W. Mitchell, West Chester
Baron Taylor, CH Harrisburg, Pa
Lisa, Certified Hypnotist
"What I learned this week about the connection between emotions and habits blew me away because it explained everything that I've been going through. I learned more about me from that one video than I have in the past 10 years. 
Just this one week has been worth the entire cost of the Training!"

—Chrissie R, California
Chas Billera, Certified Hypnotist
Fred, Certified Hypnotist
Beth, Certified Hypnotist
I share everything I know 
because I want you to feel confident in all aspects of Hypnosis. 
 I'm always available to you to answer your questions.
Wendy Merron, BCH
This Training Goes Way Beyond 
Book Learning and Lectures
In my Hypnotherapy Certification Training, you receive training beyond the National Guild of Hypnotist Requirements. We delve deeply into practice, how to effectively create hypnotic suggestions that connect with your client, how the subconscious mind works and more.

You learn about Age Regression, Parts Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Thought Training and even Past Life Regression. On your Graduation Day you'll experience a fun group Past Life Regression and I'll even give you a copy of the script that you can use with your friends and clients.

Not only do you practice as the Hypnotist during your training, you gain experience as a client so you know exactly how your clients will feel. Practice is where you truly hone your skills, develop confidence and grow personally.
During this course you will learn to:
Lead complete effective hypnotherapy sessions
Stop client's fears about hypnosis so they feel comfortable working with you
Expertly use pre-hypnosis techniques to relax the client and assess their modality as kinesthetic, auditory, or visual
Deeply understand how the subconscious mind works and how new habits, thoughts, and beliefs are created through reinforcement
Avoid the ONE WORD the subconscious mind will not accept and when to ignore this rule
Keep clients safe during hypnosis and handle abreactions
Work within the client's belief system for effective faster change
Teach clients self-hypnosis so they can properly reinforce new habits and behaviors for transformation that sticks
Develop rapport with clients as soon as they walk in your door to guarantee their success before they even get started
Deepen your client's state and test, so your clients experience the power of their subconscious mind.
Remove concerns about hypnosis so clients are comfortable working with you by engaging in the "Pre-Talk" (Not doing this could lead to failure)
Use the proper induction for each client so they get the maximum benefit
Learn to avoid language that sabotages client success
Help clients enter a deep trance, so their subconscious mind is open to powerful empowering suggestions
Teach clients how to set goals and achieve them for greater satisfaction in their lives
Structure each session so your client gets what they need to take their next step
Teach clients visualization and future pacing techniques to rehearse their future success
Understand Wendy's Cycle Of Emotional Habits to break the patterns of emotional eating, smoking, trichotillomania (hair pulling) and more
Customize hypnosis sessions to the specific needs of each client instead of  reading from a script
The 30 Hours of Online Training and the Live 5-day Training goes way beyond the requirements for
Hypnosis Certification
The On-line training and practice at home will give you the skills to provide clients with effective transformation in their lives. 

And when you come to the Live 5 Day Training near Philadelphia, you will profoundly deepen your understanding through live demonstrations, lively discussions, and one to one practice with fellow students. 

NOTE: To receive your Certification, you must attend a 5-Day Live Training.
Live Training events are offered three times a year. 
To receive your certification you must attend one of these events within 15 months of Enrollment.
Live Training Schedule:
  • DEC. 5 through DEC. 9, 2018
  • APRIL 10 through APRIL 14, 2019
  • AUG. 7 through AUG. 11, 2019
How can one training change your life?
How great it will be when more referrals come in from satisfied and grateful clients?
Starting your own practice and being your own boss
Become the "Go To Person" for change work in your community
May I Share Some Things I Never Thought Would Happen?
I help clients personally in our office here in Wayne, Pennsylvania. 

I also help clients from all over the world via the internet. I've worked with clients as far away as Australia, France, and Germany. 

Clients seem to come out of the woodwork. I get to help them in the most fascinating ways. 

The best part is that I get to help them and get grateful smiles (and hugs) in return. Every day I see clients and it never feels like work to me. I tell my friends that if I retired I'd end up starting a business doing exactly what I love to do now.
Imagine How Great You'll Feel...
When you hear back from clients letting you know how their lives improved, and they attribute their success to the work you did with them?

Imagine the great feeling from getting referrals consistently week after week. Satisfied clients are happy to refer their friends, family, even their patients to you for help.
The best part is:  With the skills you learn in this course, your clients do the heavy lifting of changework deep in their subconscious mind. You'll be helping them to transform their lives instead of waiting around for change to occur.
Clients benefit from coaching and hypnosis services for:

Career Motivation - Visualizing the Future and removing blocks to success

Public Speaking - Did you know that over 80% of people have a fear of speaking?

Fears About the Future - Most fears never come true, letting go of those worries relieves stress

Trichotillomania - Hair Pulling and other habits can be successfully treated with hypnosis

Fertility Treatment - Helping women to relax through fertility treatment so they successfully become pregnant

Sports Performance - Visualization Techniques and Future Pacing so athletes achieve success.

Sales - A recent client increased his sales 300% and became the #1 Salesperson in his organization!

Weight Loss, Stress Reduction, Pain Management, Stop Smoking, Past Life Regressions and more!
Imagine All The Ways Your clients will benefit!
Here's what you get:
Over 30 Hours of On-Line Video Training Includes:

Weekly Video Training Classes 

Video Demonstrations with real hypnosis clients

Weekly Live Q&A Calls to get all your questions answered

Practice Sessions to be done with other students via Skype or Google Hangout

NOTE: You can choose to only enroll in the 10 Week Online Video Training and get Certified later .
When you attend a 5 day live training event
At The Conclusion of The Live Event You will Take The Certification Exam 
You Receive Your Hypnotherapy Certification
From The National Guild Of Hypnotists
Details of the Training:
Course Syllabus:
Week 1
Demonstration: Hypnosis Session for Stress Management - Observe a live complete hypnosis session.
Introduction to Hypnosis including: Definition of Hypnosis, Hypnotic Myths, Applications of Hypnosis, Hypnosis for Entertainment Purposes, Introduction to Suggestibility Tests.
Overcoming Myths and Fears with Clients: Many myths and fears persist about hypnosis. Helping your client understand how hypnotic states are natural and safe to eliminate potential pitfalls.
Suggestibility Tests: Why most hypnotists use them and how to glean valuable information about your client that is necessary for an effective hypnosis session.
Week 2
How The Subconscious Mind Works: What you need to know and what your client needs to understand.
Neural Pathways: What they are, how they work, and what you need to know to create lasting transformation.
Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Processing: How to identify these modalities to ensure rapid acceptance of subconscious suggestions.
Hypnosis Pre-Talk: Dispel myths, address client's fears and concerns, and begin the process of helping client understand exactly what hypnosis feels like.
Hypnotic Inductions. Deep dive into the Progressive Relaxation Induction and what your client is likely to experience. How to enhance any induction so client goes into hypnosis regardless of outside noises. How to tell if an induction doesn't work and what to do next. 
Week 3
The Cautions of Hypnosis: How to avoid the dangers of hypnosis and types of people who should not be hypnotized We'll explore these cautions in this lesson.

Benefits of Self-Hypnosis and the value of reinforcement and repetition. How to teach your client self hypnosis while client is in the hypnotic state.
How To Manage An Abreaction: What to do and how to help a client through an abreaction.
How Desire, Belief, and Expectation Work Together For Success: The combination of these three - when properly aligned in the mind - prepare the client toward their best possible success.
How to create rapid subconscious rapport with your client to ensure session success.
Understanding the Dave Elman Induction, it's uses, and the best times to use for your client's benefit. 
How to help your client understand the hypnotic state and how time distortion becomes proof.
Demonstration, practice and discussion of Chevreul's Pendulum. Which clients you should share this with and how to incorporate your client's responses into his session.
Week 4
Self Hypnosis Techniques for Motivation and Reinforcement: The key to imbedding a new habit, thought pattern, or emotion, is reinforcement through self-hypnosis. How to teach your client self-hypnosis while your client is in hypnosis.

Inductions are not a "One Size Fit's All". How analytical clients benefit from the Blackboard Induction. Discussion and practice.  
How and when most Subconscious Beliefs are formed and how they become Limiting Beliefs. Understanding this sets you apart from most hypnotists so you can much more easily help your clients.
Rapport Building - Create an atmosphere of trust within minutes .
Understanding the role of Future Visualization and how to distinguish the client's goal from the End Goal.  Understand how this relates to The Law Of Attraction and how to effectively explain to your client.
Week 5
Depth Testing: How to perform Depth Testing on your client. From light trance to somnambulism to feeling no pain, hypnotic trances can go so deep that surgery can be performed pain free - without anesthesia.
Hypnotic Inductions: How inductions for analytical clients differ. How to get clients into the hypnotic state consistently every time.
Universal Suggestions that are effective with groups. 
Bringing the Client Out of Hypnosis: Bringing a client up from the hypnotic state while using the double-bind technique for greater subconscious acceptance of suggestions.
Week 6
Creating Custom Suggestions: Much more powerful than reading a script, custom suggestions using client's belief system are accepted more rapidly and clients receive the transformation they desire.
The Powerful Personal Statement (PPS): Right from Wendy's bestselling Amazon.com book, Powerful Thinking On Purpose, learn to create the best PPS that matches your clients goals that she will use in self-hypnosis.
 Understand and experience the powerful The 5 Magic Words that activate subconscious acceptance to increases client's success. How to use the 5 Magic Words and effectively show your client how thoughts affect physical feelings.
Deepening Techniques: Learn techniques for getting clients deeper into trance.
Explanation and discussion of Hartland's Ego Strengthening script and why it's important in hypnosis. Used in conjunction with customized suggestions, this is one of the most powerful tools for change work in hypnosis.
Learn and practice the "Eye Blinking Induction" which can be used anytime after the first session. 
How to structure your first hypnosis session so that client achieves full acceptance of suggestions.
Week 7
Goal Setting: How to break down a clients goals into easy manageable chunks so they can achieve their goal.
Understanding the Cycle Of Emotional Habits. What causes habits such as emotional eating, nail biting, trichotillomania, gambling, alcoholism, and how and WHERE to break the cycle.
Ensuring Clients Use Self Hypnosis for Reinforcement every day: How to get clients to comply with their self hypnosis homework between sessions? This lesson shows you how to do just that.
Hypnosis Weight Loss FAQ's and The Slingshot To Eliminate Cravings.
Structuring personal Weight Loss sessions and understanding Mindless and Emotional Eating. How to structure effective Weight Loss Group Classes.
Week 8
Visualization and Future Pacing Techniques: Learn the three ways to use these techniques to help your client achieve their goals.
Session Structure: The First Session: In this lesson you combine everything you've learned up to now to ensure a successful first session. From induction, custom suggestions, time distortion, and post hypnotic suggestions.
Session Structure of the Followup Sessions: What you need to do before you see your client for the second time. What you need from your client at the beginning of the session to ensure successive sessions remain on track. 
Understand the subconscious reactions to changes in our environment and how this parallels changes that occur in the mind. Discussion and demonstration of the powerful Move The Sofa Technique and the pretalk necessary to use it effectively.
Understanding how to eliminate fears using The Book Of Life Fear Elimination technique.
How to structure a 5 Session Program for fears and when to use the Protective White Light.
Understanding Fears and Phobias, how they are formed, and how to effectively use thought training and Hypnosis to eliminate them.
Week 9
How To Help Clients Who Worry About Things They Have No Control Over: Combining the 5 Magic words with Future Visualization for effective stress management.
Zeigarnic Effect: Unfinished tasks cause stress. How to help clients respond differently to daily stressors.
How to teach your client the Balloon Breathing technique to eliminate stress in the moment.
Why Hypnosis is effective for Pain Management. How to teach client to use visualization to manage chronic pain.
Watch an entire hypnosis session where the client connects with her future self and uncovers what she needs to do to heal her issue.
Stress Management: In our first lesson you watched a complete hypnotherapy session for stress management. Here we break that session down for you and relate it to everything you've learned.
Understand the Mindset of Masters technique and learn to use it effectively to improve performance in Sports, Music, Theatre.
Week 10
Advanced techniques: Understanding the purpose of Age Regression and Parts Therapy. When and how to use these. Discussion and Demonstration.
How to enhance your Hypnosis Sessions with tools from Stage Hypnosis. Discover the power of hypnosis in an entire Stage Show and understand where most hypnotic myths spring from.
How to enhance your Hypnosis Sessions with tools from Stage Hypnosis. Discover the power of hypnosis in an entire Stage Show and understand where most hypnotic myths spring from.
How to use the Insomnia Jars Technique for individuals or groups for improved sleep.
  • WEEKLY VIDEO LESSONS you can watch at your own pace
  • TRANSCRIPTS OF VIDEOS AND ALL SCRIPTS so you can refer back whenever you need to
  • WEEKLY LIVE WEBINARS where you get answers to all your burning questions. Recordings available within 24 hours
  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP to connect with fellow students, stay up to date on course announcements and find practice partners
  • And So Much More...
Practice assignments can be completed at home or with fellow students via free video teleconference services. Don't worry - we'll help you do that!
 EXTRA Bonus Trainings!
Bonus #1
How to Run a Complete Smoking Cessation Program
Certified Hypnotist Michael Messmer explains how to run a complete stop smoking program for individuals.
Bonus #2
How To Use The NLP Fast Fear Release
This technique from expert NLP Practitioner Davd Braxtion shows you how to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming to remove fear quickly. This technique can be used with or without hypnosis.
Bonus #3
Introduction To Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping
Learn the Emotional Freedom Technique (aka Tapping) step by step. 
Bonus #4
Group Hypnosis and Group Sessions
Learn how to lead group hypnosis sessions for weight loss, smoking cessation, stress reduction and more.
  •    5 Days of Intensive Training and Practice
  •    Supervised Practice With Immediate Feedback
  •    One Year FREE Membership In NGH (Worth $110)
  •    Your NGH Hypnotherapy Certificate
  •    BONUS: Group Past Life Regression Hypnosis and more!

On-Line Training For Just
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Full Certification Training
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Total Payment $1997
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Live 5-Day Certification Event
Payment Plan
Full Certification Training
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6 Payments of Only $399.50/Month
Total Payment $2397
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Live 5-Day Certification Event
The Best Value is the 
Full Certification Training
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Will I be able to upgrade to Full Certification?"

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My Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee
100% Money Back Guarantee

Iron Clad 60 Day
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Money Back If You're Not Satisfied

I stand behind my training because my reputation is on the line. Frankly, if you don't get what I promised you from this training, there's every reason to ask for your money back.

With all the courses available, this training goes beyond other trainings. When you finish the course, you'll have the tools you need to help clients with every day issues that get in the way of their lives.

"Wait a minute...", you say, "What if I get this training and then ask for my money back?"  Honestly, I can't take away what you've learned. I can't stop you from using it for yourself or earning money from helping others.

Am I taking a big risk that I'll give back so much money that I'll go out of business doing this? 

Well... Yes. I am taking that risk. I know there are unscrupulous people who may take advantage of my goodwill but... 

I trust you are honest. I believe you've come here for the purpose of learning the skills of transformation through hypnotherapy, so you can increase business and profit. So, if a few people slip in here and "steal" the training, I'm sure that you and so many others won't be that type of person.

Plus, I have been training hypnotists and hypnotherapists since 2005. In all that time, I've never encountered anyone who has asked me for a refund. Not one person has complained to me that the course wasn't worth their money.

Please do one thing for me:

The only thing I ask of you is to give yourself time to absorb this training and try it out for yourself. Once you see the difference in the lives of clients, you will know for sure that you spent your money well.

There's no risk to you when buying this course. The terms are plain and simple. If you are unsatisfied for any reason within 30 days of your purchase, just call, e-mail or write to me personally:

(610) 687 1047


Wendy Merron 
Hypnotherapy Trainer
614 W Lancaster Avenue
Wayne, PA 19087
The deadline to register is
Sept. 9, 2018 
At 11:59 pm Pacific Time
Registration Closes At This time
And the Training Begins 
Monday Sept. 10, 2018
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The Online Only Course includes 30+ hours of Comprehensive On-Line training, Weekly Q & A Coaching Webinars, and 5 Bonus Modules. The 5-day Live Certification Event Including the Online Course Includes Intensive Practice, Your Certification Exam, and your 1 year membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists. 

The Total Cost of Both of these courses is $3494 But, when you purchase during this registration event the Online Course is just $497 and the 5-Day Live Event Including the Online Course is $1997 or 6 Payments of $399.50 (6 payments = $2397).
Wait! Before you click away, scroll back up and read what you get when you purchase this course and learn about the Iron Clad 60 day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.
No educational program, school or teacher can guarantee that you will succeed after completing their courses or programs. This is also true of the Hypnotherapy Training Course. Opening a successful hypnosis practice depends on many factors, such as (but not limited to) the location of the practice, the financial climate, and the investment made in time and energy that one puts into his or her practice.
We are her to provide you with the best support we can after graduation. You can receive ongoing support via email, Facebook, and telephone. 
 We are here for you to help you to be successful.
*Live Training Events are held in the Wayne, PA area (a suburb of Philadelphia) area 3 times per year. To receive your Certification, you must attend a Live Training Class. 
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